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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Pterosauria
Family: Azhdarchidae
Genus: Quetzalcoatlus
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The Quetzalcoatlus was named after the ancient Mexican God, quetzalcoatl. This was a flying pterosaur. It is one of the biggest as well. Its wing span was 35 feet in length. Even today nothing can compare. The albatross has a wingspan of 11 feet. That's a little shy of 35 feet. the quetzalcoatlus had a long neck and jaw. They are thought of be like giant seagulls as scavengers eating at whatever they can that's dead and flying around the coast pretty much all of the time. Even though they were as large as a small plan it's known that they were very light. This Pterosaur was probably not more than 200lbs. Scientists have never found a complete skeleton but there is been found so many halves that they were able to put them together. The fossils were all found in Texas. The first ever found was in 1971, then later in 1996, and after that many more finding within Texas. There was close relatives of the quetzalcoatlus found in Canada, Alberta, but not actually them.