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Dinosaur Facts

Practically every child in the world, at some point, has been enthused with dinosaurs. Actually, probably most adults are intrigued by the dinosaur facts that have shown up over the years, also. Dinosaurs were a great part of our world history, and even though we may never fully understand them, or why they are now extinct, the fact remains that walking with dinosaurs must have been an amazing feat. We all in some way would like to know more about the mystery that is dinosaurs.

Dinosaur information have sprung up from time to time giving us some clue as to the life that these amazing creatures led and the tremendous size of some of them. Dinosaur pictures, although clearly recreated, have given us some insight to their size and shape, but it still seems that we know so little about what they were really like. Of course, we know a few facts about them from the many movies, television specials, and news broadcasts covering the latest dig for dinosaurs, but how much do we really know? We know that the most common Jurassic dinosaurs were the Camarasaurus. And we know that walking with dinosaurs is something that, if we are perfectly honest with ourselves, we have all dreamed about at some point.

Children, of course, think that a dinosaur is the most awesome creature in the world. Dinosaurs for kids are plentiful. Stuffed animals, movies, action figures, all represent to children to amazing creatures that dinosaurs were. As we get older, we don’t lose the awe that dinosaurs inspire in us. As new dinosaur facts are presented we are all glued to the television or newspaper just trying to comprehend the magnitude of the era in which dinosaurs ruled the world. And it seems that the more we know, the more we want to know. We will forever be enthralled in the process of learning about dinosaurs. The sad thing is, we may never fully know what walking with dinosaurs would be like. We can watch the movies and learning specials, but to have actually walked in their world is a feeling that seems out of reach. However, the more we learn about these amazing creatures, the more we can strive to place ourselves in their world. One day, it may be possible to get a feel of what living and walking with dinosaurs really was. Until then, we can still dream.

″Did you know...

Dinosaurs lived and evolved for over 185 million years until they became extinct. The cause has not been proven yet, but many believe that an asteroid Over 9 miles wide hit the earth In the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Giganotosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur discovered.
  • Fossils were discovered with a Protoceratops & velociraptor that appeared to have been fighting when they were quickly killed. The claw of the raptor was in the others' stomach as well.
  • Nigersaurus may have been responsible for dinosaur extinction!
  • There is no evidence that suggests that the dilophosaurus spit venomous mucus.