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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Pterosauria
SubOrder: Rhamphorhynchoidea
Family: Rhamphorhynchidae
Genus: Angustinaripterus
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Among the different creatures that were known to have lived during several million years ago, Angustinaripterus was also a creature, which lived during the very early period. But, it does not fall under the category of dinosaurs. It was a basic pterosaur, which belongs to the family of breviquartossa and like many other creatures the fossils of this creature was also found in the country of China. At China, the fossils were found at Dashanpu in the Szechuan province near Zigong.

This name was given to this creature by HE Xinlu in the year 1983. The term Angustinaripterus was derived from the Latin Word angustus. It is assumed that this creature would have got this name on the basis of its appearance.

From the fossils of this creature, it was found that it would have had a skull length of 165mm and they came to a conclusion that the biggest of its kind might have got a skull length of nearly 200mm. It was also found that it would have got a narrow nostril and it would have also got wings. A single skull of the creature with lower jaws was found in the year 1981 by the team of researchers from the Zigong Historical museum of the salt industry.

From the fossils found, the following information has been gathered regarding the outward appearance of the Angustinaripterus.

It had got a long and low skull with comparatively blunt oral region. The researchers were able to find only a damaged skull of Angustinaripterus and they were not able to find the back part of the skull. On the top of the skull they found a low crest with two to three millimeters height. They found only the back part of the jaw and front part could not be found. From the portion of the jaw found by the researchers, it was judged that it would have got three pairs of teeth in the praemaxillae and six pairs in the maxillae. There might have been 10 to 12 pairs of teeth in the mandible.

Researchers also found that the front teeth would have been curved, robust and long, pointing forwards and the back teeth would have been small. At the front portion of their mouth they would have got intermeshing and large prey grab, which they would have used for catching fish from the surface of the water. It was also found that the teeth might have been similar to that of another creature called Dorygnathus. Antorbital fenestra of this species was found to be triangular in shape, large and was long as well.

Researchers came to a conclusion that Angustinaripterus, would have related closely to the family of scaphognathinae. However, it is also considered as a member of rhamphorhynchid subgroup. Angustinaripterus are classified under the kingdom of Animalia, under the phylum of Chordata, under sauropsida class, pterosauria order, and rhamphorhynchidae family as well. It is further classified under the species called A. longicephalus.

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